Welcome to my store.

My name is Addie

The store’s name De Tudo Um Pouco comes from my native language of Portuguese. It means A Little Of Everything.

I was born and raised on the small, beautiful, mid-Atlantic island of Terçeira, part of the archipelago of Açores, the Portuguese islands. My entire family still lives in Portugal, and I go back as often as possible to visit and stay close to my family and my heritage. Terçeira is such a small, old fashion place, I truly believe that this is where and why my passion for everything handcrafted comes from. From a very young age as a girl I “had” to learn all the trades that would one day make me the perfect housewife (the old fashion talking here). So, my grandmother Lurdes, and my mother Lucia thought me a little of everything. I would sit with them and learn to crochet, cross stich, sew, knit and basically everything else that could be handmade. Growing up we always made our own clothes. Often my mother would take an older item of her clothes or hand me downs we got from “the older cousins” and turn it into something complete different and beautiful for my siblings and I. As I got older I also started making my own things. Gifts for family members and friends were most often something handmade. Doyles, aprons, embroidered table clothes and much more. We did not always appreciate these as children, but now as an adult I know the value of these items and these times.

My later travels took me to Germany where I lived for a couple years and allowed me to travel to several European countries, and then moved to sunny Tucson, Arizona. All these places have much to do with my love for different styles, shapes and colors. Everywhere I go, I learn!!!

I love to experiment with different materials and different projects. Hints the variation of items in my store.

Creating things with my bare hands is my passion. I also love cooking and gardening.
Feel free to ask me any questions.

Obrigada mãe e avó com muito amor e carinho por tudo o que me ensinaram na vida. Devo tudo o que sei e o que sou a vocês.